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Did you know:
bird droppings, leaves, dirt and water accumulation are common solar panel blockers



Should solar panels be cleaned?


We highly recommend cleaning your solar panels once every six months to a year to maintain their productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Our recommendation can vary based on where you live and the levels of air pollution in your area.


What are the benefits of getting your panels cleaned regularly?


  1. Improve efficiency:  Observable statistics have shown an improvement of up to 21% in residential and 60% in commercial installations in some cases.

  2. Warranty: Most warranty requires regular cleaning as a condition. If there is no proof of regular cleaning, this will null and void your warranty.

  3. Durability: Over time environmental particles like dust or sand will wear and tear down your solar panels. You will see a drop in efficiency and an increased risk of the equipment failing sooner.

  4. Aesthetic appeal: Proper maintenance and upkeep will make your home more aesthetically appealing to you and your visitors, especially your roofs.

  5. Inspection: Having your panels cleaned regularly will give you a point of reference to evaluate their condition.

  6. Improve Return on Investment: The more effective your solar panels are, the sooner you can see a return on your investment.


Why do I need to get it cleaned when it rains?


Similarly, how you need to clean your car’s windshield more often during the rainy season, and the same effect applies to your solar panels. Rain tends to leave residual stains on your solar panels affecting their efficiency. We recommend that you do not rely on rainwater to clean your panels automatically.


Should solar panels be cleaned by a professional?


We highly recommend engaging with our team of professionals. With a professional solar panel cleaning team, you do not have to risk the safety of your roof, the well-being of your installation, or yourself


How do you engage us?


Do leave us a message, and our consultant will get back to you. 

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